Transcend Hose Holder


Experience the freedom of movement with the Transcend Hose Holder. Designed with your comfort in mind, the hose holder provides extra protection for people who toss and turn while sleeping.
Key Features
  • Versatile: The Transcend Hose Holder is compatible with any CPAP/BiPAP hose tubing, even if you use a Snuggle Hose or other hose cover.
  • Secure: Our hose holder uses a Velcro band and a metal clip to secure your hose, minimizing disturbances and the problem of tangled CPAP tubing.
  • Convenient: The metal clip attaches easily to sheets, clothing, or bedding, providing better tube management.
  • Package Includes: Each package contains two Transcend Hose Holders, offering great value.
  • Branded Quality: As with all our products, the Transcend Hose Holder carries the trusted Transcend name, ensuring you receive a high-quality product.
The Transcend Hose Holder is ideal for active sleepers and those who value convenience and quality. Say goodbye to tangled hoses and sleep disturbances. Order your Transcend Hose Holder today and experience the difference!
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