Customer Forms

Standard Prescription Form
Clicking the link below will open a standard Rx form that can be submitted to your doctor.
Please return the completed Rx form by: Please note that orders that require a prescription will not be shipped without a valid CPAP Rx.
Transcend CPAP FAA Compliance Letter
Transcend travel CPAP devices are FAA-approved for in-flight use on an aircraft. Bring a copy of this letter with you the next time you fly with your Transcend CPAP.
Additional tips for your next trip:
Contact the airline’s Medical Services at least two weeks prior to your travel date to obtain approval to use your Transcend CPAP on-board.
Carry a copy of:
  • the airline’s approval letter (if they provide one)
  • the Transcend FAA compliance letter
  • a letter from your doctor that certifies your requirement to use a PAP device
  • If you are not using a Transcend portable battery on your flight, arrange for seating next to a power source and verify the type of power cord or adapter needed for use with your Transcend CPAP.