Referral Program Terms and Conditions

As a Referrer, you are subject to Transcend’s Terms of Use and Transcend’s Privacy Policy, as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions for the Transcend referral program:

  • Qualified Referral. A Qualified Referral is defined as a purchase made at  by a person ("Referee") who when checking out enters the Referrer’s name and email address into the appropriate fields. Referrers are limited to one Qualified Referral for each Referred Customer; in other words, additional/repeat purchases made by a Referred Customer are not counted as additional Qualified Referral.
  • Referred Customer. The Referred Customer and the Referrer cannot be the same person (for example, by using a different email address).

  • Referral Rewards. 
    • To receive the reward the Referee must enter the name and email of the Referrer when checking out at 
    • The Referee must be purchasing a New non-refurbished Transcend Micro.
    • The Referrer must be a Transcend customer that has previously purchased a Transcend CPAP device through
    • If the CPAP device is returned for a refund/credit for any reason after the receipt of the rewards, the full program reward ($100) will be deducted from the refund/credit amount.

  • Reward Payments. 30 days after the sale has shipped, the Referee and Referrer will receive an email to claim their $50 gift card through Tango.

  • Eligibility. Eligibility is limited to individuals only. Transcend’s referral Program cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation as determined at Transcend’s discretion. 

  • Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms. Transcend reserves the right to cancel the Referral Program or to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. Any unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time.