Dedicated to helping you sleep comfortably every night, everywhere.

At Transcend, our mission is to deliver sleep therapy solutions that allow CPAP users to successfully continue their therapy regardless of lifestyle, travel plans or sleep location. Since starting in 2010, we have been a leader in reimagining the functionality of a portable, travel CPAP device, and helping to enhance the lifestyles of individuals with sleep apnea.

Transcend was the first in the world to design a travel CPAP with lightweight portable batteries and power accessories, including a solar battery charger. We were also the first and the only CPAP to use patented Capillary Force Vaporizer™ (CFV) technology to deliver heated humidification in one of the smallest heated humidifier for CPAP and to design a system to run on a portable battery.

Why do these firsts matter? Because firsts break the boundaries of convention to deliver something better to help enhance our lives.

Today, we continue to focus on integrating technology, customer input and employee creativity into our designs, and also challenge ourselves to deliver innovative solutions that improve quality of sleep. From our latest travel-sized CPAP that weighs less than a can of soda, to new comfort accessories such as a replaceable waterless humidification system or an attachment to decrease acoustic noises from a CPAP machine, our team makes it possible for you to rest easy and explore the world.

Transcend, Inc. is a privately-held Minnesota-based medical company. Transcend and associated technology is protected by several issued and pending U.S. and foreign patents. FDA market clearance was provided for the Transcend CPAP in July 2010. Transcend received the 2011 and 2012 Medtrade Award and the Best Practices Award for Product Differentiation in the Sleep Disordered Breathing market from Frost & Sullivan.

* Capillary Force Vaporizer™ (CFV) is a trademark of Vapore, LLC and is protected by the following patents: 6634864, 7431570, 7920777, 8201752, and 792644. Somnetics holds issued and pending patents on the application of CFV in CPAP applications.