What is Transcend?

Transcend is the most innovative small, light and portable CPAP in the world. The CPAP weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of your hand.

What Transcend Is Used For?

Transcend is a Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) device and is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

How to Describe the Transcend CPAP

Transcend is the first CPAP to overcome hurdles associated with using a bulky, hassle-ridden conventional CPAP. Features include:

  • it is most innovative small, light and portable CPAP in the world

  • it weighs less than 1 lb

  • battery pack (4-cell and 8-cell sizes) and mobile power options allow Transcend use in remote locations and provide backup power during power outages

  • first CPAP to offer a portable solar battery charger for CPAP use off the grid

  • first CPAP to use waterless humidification via a small, hygienic heat moisture exchanger (HME) that replaces the water-filled humidification chamber

  • its universal AC power supply automatically converts power current outside the United States

  • it automatically compensates therapy pressure to altitudes of up to 8,000 feet

  • it is FAA compliant

  • it stores up to 13 months of compliance information that can be emailed to physician/provider

  • it measures Apnea-Hypopnea index and detects leaks

How is Transcend Different

Transcend is the gold standard in portable CPAP innovation. At home or on the road, Transcend sleep apnea therapy products are designed to enhance the lifestyles of active patients.

Weighing less than one pound (426 g), Transcend fits in the palm of your hand. Its special air-bearing blower technology delivers quiet, vibration-free therapy. Transcend PAPs are designed for ultimate portability, so that patients don’t have to miss a single night of sleep therapy.

Transcend is the only CPAP that offers multiple portable power options for CPAP use away from home. Transcend can be powered anywhere with two battery options available in 4-cell and 8-cell sizes. The batteries also serve as fail-over power when used with AC line power. Should the power go out, Transcend will continue to provide patients with therapy. Both batteries are rechargeable with the Portable Solar Battery Charger, AC, and DC power. The DC mobile power adaptor can be used to power Transcend PAPs from any DC power outlet, making it ideal for truckers, boaters, campers and those who use RV’s.

Transcend is also the first CPAP to use HME or heat moisture exchange technology, which is a proven, safe and effective approach to providing warm humidification to patients on oxygen in hospitals for decades. The Transcend HME is small, hygienic and disposable. It works by capturing moisture from your exhaled air and gives that moisture back to you when you inhale.

The Company Behind Transcend

Somnetics, International Inc. is a privately held Minnesota-based medical device company and is an emerging leader in customer-driven design, development, and production of respiratory medical devices. Somnetics’ mission is focused on integrating technology, customer input, and employee creativity to provide innovative, high quality products that improve the lives of people with respiratory disorders. It received FDA market clearance for the Transcend CPAP machine in July 2010 and the Transcend Auto and EZEX CPAP in November 2013. Transcend is protected by several issued and pending US and foreign patents.